Waiting Games and Rollerblades

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I have an update when it comes to the Peace Corps. Yesterday I emailed the assistant placement officer that is working on my file and I asked him if there is any information that he can give me on if we have a chance of getting into a program in the Peace Corps. I know I have until June 1st till they have to tell me something about the program but still it has been a few months since they have received my file. I got a response back that said this:

"I looked into your program and saw that we have until early-June to invite people from that pool. I imagine that is why you haven’t heard more from my office by now. I talked to your Placement Officer about your file and he said that he would contact you within the next week to give you an update on the progress of your applications. He will be able to give you more information that will help with your planning."

This is still super great news though because I will hear something next week. Well at least I think I will hear something. Such a roller coaster ride so far. I have been so disheartened as of late and it is good to know I might hear something soon.
On a side note: I bought some inline skates. I did pretty well for my first outing. I only fell once but it was down a hill in front of a woman and she was like freaking out because I fell a little hard or at least it looked that way. I popped back up embarrassed and said something like, “I fell because I looked back and saw a car was coming and it scared me.” I sounded like a 10 year old child that had his heart broken. Really the only thing that came out of that was a scraped up knee. I expected something worse but I was wearing jeans.

Thanks for reading. I will update you about the news that I might get next week. We will see but it seems too good to be true right now. :(


Anonymous said...

Matt and Tanie-
That is encouraging that you might hear something this week, at least it might give you an inkling if you are being looked at for placement or not. Keep us posted, I love your blog, it is great for keeping up with what is going on with you both.
Wow, roller blades...!!!! I am impressed. I won't use those anymore, but then again I am not as young as you either. I hope you had fun, you will enjoy roller blading with Tanie too...sounds like fun..!!!
Well, hope to maybe have you both over sometime this week for dinner..? I missed spending time with Tanie on Sunday as we had an open house.
Love you both . Robin ( Mom)

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