Slow Movement

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Hello my fellow blog readers!

It has been a little while. I just wanted to update you on our lives and our Peace Corps process. First, there has not been news when it comes to the Peace Corps. Not a scrap of news. I am not really surprised about this though. I still figure that we will not here anything from them about placement till May. Tanie and I have a bet going to land the closest to this date, mine guess is May 4th. I believe that she guessed May 14th. I hope I am closer.

The nervousness and angst has kind of subsided for the time being. After waiting for almost a month now you realize that it is kind of out your control. I wish there was something at this point to speed the process up a little. I mean we both have jobs and we have to say something to our places of employment. My boss already has heard about our intentions of going into the Peace Corps. Facebook was the mode of how he learned. I am sure of it.

As of now I still have a job but things are getting worse and worse when it comes to business (at least that’s the way it seems from an outward perspective). We have had more layoffs and they are completely shutting down for the Easter weekend. That is my whole work week because as of now I am working 3rds weekends 12 hour shifts. The reason why this is a big deal is because we hardly ever shut down for anything. But because of slow economic times we are forced to shut down because of it. Oh well more free time with Tanie :)

With Tanie there have been a few developments. She is currently working with a daycare for the time being. She has been watching kindergarten kids. She has been stretched and I am proud of her. She is working around 30 hours a week and this is the first time that she has really worked around the same kids for so long. She has finally got burned out when it comes to books. She has read many books since she is done with school. I would say close to 50. She is an inspiration to those of us that have trouble with getting one book done in a week.

We will let you know about any developments when it comes to our lives or the Peace Corps.



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