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Hey all I just wanted to update you guys on the progress of our Peace Corps Process. First of all I wanted to say that we were nominated a few weeks back. What this means is that we have our foot in the door in a location that they found that might suit us. They said that we might be going to Asia! I know that does not narrow it down a ton but it sort of does because the Peace Corps only goes to a few places in Asia. These places are China, Philippines, Cambodia, Mongolia, and Thailand. They also told me that with the line of work that we will be doing that most of the time that China is out of the picture but that is not for sure. Next is what we would be doing while we are over there. We would be doing two projects Youth Development and Teaching English. Both of these sound very cool to me. I will be excited to see how those projects would work out.

We are now in the medical process. This is known to be long and drawn out. We have had several things done already. We were both checked out by a doctor where they had to do a full medical examination. Checking for anything that might hinder us from going. We had blood tests done, urine tests done, three vaccinations and even more. My next step is going to the heart doctor for my minor heart condition. I have a doctors appoint this coming Friday so wish me luck. Also one other minor thing that might have to happen is getting my wisdom teeth taken out but that depends of if the dentists sees it as necessary. I hear they are pretty strict about this because they do not want any trouble while you are on the field. I understand why this may be but it seems frustrating since I have not had any problems with them. I have a dentist appointment this coming month so we will see what they think about this.

We will continue to post updates when we get them. Thanks for reading!


Rachel said...

Best of Luck Matt and Tanie!!!!! You will be great where ever you two end up! I am so excited about seeing you two in Nov. Call me sometime.
Rachel and Emmanuel

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