Life and Peace Corps Update

Posted by Matt |

As I write to you I have a 24 hour halter monitor on for my heart. This is more Peace Corps checking into nothing. The thing is very itchy! Only a few more hours to go. But anyways we are getting closer and closer to our goal to the Peace Corps.

Last night we went to a youth group event and it was awesome! There were over 100 kids there tonight. We had a hay ride and we played a huge game of capture the flag. This game involved flour bags and hitting kids with them. Some call it abuse others call it fun ;) The best part was just talking to the kids and seeing what they thought of the night.

I am currently in the process of getting hired at best buy for some extra money that we can put into the college loans. All I am waiting on is my drug tests results. It has almost been two weeks. That is a really long time for drug test results. I will be selling computers. To be this will be a really exciting job. I love computers and love people so I think this will be awesome!

Tanie is getting closer and closer to her graduation date in December. She is very busy with school, her job at the bank, and marriage! We will both be relieved about getting school finished so we can get out there and do what we want.

Well that's all I got for now. Hope to update soon!


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