Official Invites!

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It is official we are now invites to be Peace Corps volunteers woke up with this message saying that we have been invited. We should still be going to Morocco but who knows. We should get the paperwork sometime in the next couple of days yo find out for sure. I suspect that they should call us today for further correspondence. This is very exciting and I cannot believe that we are finally invited! It has been a long road but one that I think should pay off. Now more waiting till Sept: Departure!

I will blog more when I have more information.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you -- I am also applying to the PC and have read your blog now and then to see how the process is working for you. I am very happy for you after reading the ups and downs of the process.

Best of luck,

Bill in Pennsylvania

Matt said...

Hey thanks! I has been a long process! Just keep with it. It is very frustrating sometimes. The waiting and the more waiting, but it seems now that it is worth it. Thanks for reading!


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