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Today I spoke to our Student Aide of a Placement Officer. She was very polite and told me that our last date to hear something about our placement would be June 1st. It has need officially three weeks from when we got medical clearance. She told me that it might take as long as June 1st to place us but since we have everything already in and it is being checked over she didn't expect it to take longer than a couple of months. WOW! A couple of months seems like forever! Well at least it does being in this waiting period. I am trying to patient the best I can but this waiting is very very difficult. I will update you as soon as we hear anything about where we are going.



Anonymous said...

Great blog! I am actually a senior in college considering the Peace Corps and trying to get my head around the very long process. Quick question if you don't mind me asking: Once you receive medical clearance are you under the impression it is basically a sure thing that you'll be placed? I ask because I want to apply but would not want to invest time and money and other opportunites to get to that point and not get placed. Just thought you might have a sense of this given where you are in the process.



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