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Matt has gotten through his dentist appointments now and he is just waiting to get his dental ex-rays back so that he can send in his medical packet! He does not need to have his wisdom teeth taken out, so that's a relief. I still have my upcoming appointments though so I probably won't be able to turn in my packet until the end of January. Once those are turned in we will just have to wait for our invitation which will tell us which country we are going to be in during our service.

I found this great blog post that talks about being a Christian in the Peace Corps. I used it in my big final Youth Ministry project/presentation that I did very well on yesterday!!
Here is the link to that: My Portion

Also on another note, Matt's Sister Rachel was got married to Emanuel Sarikie this last Thanksgiving weekend! The wedding was beautiful and it was a lot of fun to spend time with Matt's family. Matt and I are looking forward to getting back down there sometime for the Christmas holiday.

Also my finals week is coming up on the 15th of December so I am almost Graduated from College! Yay! I'll be really excited once I get through all of my finals and projects that this have left to do.

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